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Artistically my interests lie with this simple mantra; Photography is the practice of collecting precious moments of fleeting memories erasing themselves as soon as they are created.

Andrija Dimitrijević

        Born in Belgrade, Serbia in 1983, moved to Toronto in 1993 during the turmoil in the 90’s in the Balkans.  

         I find myself gravitating towards a more documentarian style of photography, which is how I got started, documenting emerging music scenes of Toronto. The challenge of getting that perfect shot in a dark room with fast moving lights and equally fast moving people is very rewarding.  I try and capture the energy of a space and revelers so that the viewer doesn’t feel like they are looking at a photo but rather a moment in that time and place.  This mantra that I practice through my photography is the driving force behind any style of photography I practice.  The essence of making the viewer forget that it is not just a two dimensional representation of the world but rather a window to a time and place.


           My interest in photography started at a very young age although I wasn’t fully aware of it at the time.  It was a hobby and art form that has been reintroduced many times in many incarnations throughout my life. My dad was a hobby photographer and a documentarian in his own right as he traveled and performed with his choir.  I remember grabbing a hold of his camera and focusing the images with such clarity. As all things in childhood get lost to time and yet a camera ended up back in my hand ready to try and capture those fleeting fragile moments.  


Urban Architecture                       
Hashtag Gallery, Toronto  

APRIL 7 - 17 - 2016

NXNE Showcase                      
Hashtag Gallery, Toronto

JUNE 12th-27th - 2012

Landmark - Nuit Blanche                       
St James Park, Toronto

OCTOBER 4 - 2014

The Landscape                       
Venue Name, City  

MAY 28 - NOVEMBER 26 - 2023

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